Keep Climbing, Day 3: Tears Wiped Away.

We are looking at God’s plan for creation in the prophet Isaiah’s prophecy that “The Mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established as the highest mountain and raised above the hills.”

Keep Climbing, Day 2: Now Justice, Now Peace.

The result of the coming of God’s kingdom is justice and peace. The Bible tightly links these two spiritual realities. Isaiah promises of the coming Messiah: “not by appearance shall he judge” [...]

Will You Be Ready?

This is Fr. John Muir's homily for Catholic Breakfast on the First Sunday of Advent.

Keep Climbing, Day 1: Climbing the Mountain of the Lord’s House

In this short six-part series we explore some hope-inspiring aspects of God’s dream for us and how sharing His dream changes us for the better.

Fr. John Muir Wants To Be A Spiritual 1st Grader

Spirituality, prayer, faith, religion... it can all get pretty complex sometimes. We can get lost in the footnotes.

Good Morning! Let The Stress Begin.

There's so much to get done in a day that it's easy to become overwhelmed by stress, even before we get out of bed in the morning.