From the Hills of Vermont to the Altars of Phoenix

Who's this Priest doing all these YouTube videos and this thing called Catholic Breakfast?

Priesthood – Full of Surprises

SPOILER ALERT: The priesthood is awesome.

Childhood TV Shows

Remember when we were kids? This morning, Fr. John Muir takes a little walk down memory lane, revealing...

Wisdom & The New President

Catholics have had a roller coaster of a relationship with the American project from the beginning, sometimes seeming to be America’s greatest advocate and other times seeming to be her harshest [...]

He called me Son.

How fortunate was I to be the priest who got to be there at that moment? The image struck me of a father who catches a fish and reels it in right up to the edge of boat, and lets his small son [...]

What didn’t they tell you about being a priest?

Good morning! Today, Fr. John Muir discusses some of the things that nobody told him about being a priest before he was ordained.

Getting Inside Fr. Parks’ Head

Good morning! Ever wonder what goes on inside Fr. Parks' head? Well today, Fr. Muir tries to find out

Great Love – Big Wins

Can love win you football games? Just ask Clemson Coach, Dabo Swinney. In an emotional post-game interview after winning the 2017 college football national championship game, Coach Swinney spoke [...]

Jesus: The Re-Creation of the Whole World

This is Fr. John Muir's homily for Catholic Breakfast on Christmas morning.

Jesus Christ vs. Caesar Augustus

This is Fr. John Muir's homily for Catholic Breakfast on Christmas Eve. In the battle of two mighty kings, there is a clear victor.

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