Word Association (Part 2)

Fr. Muir & Fr. Parks are at it again. This time, Fr. Parks throws random words at Fr. Muir to see what his mind immediately associates with...

Miracles on the Mountain… kind of

Sometimes things are not what they seem. This morning, Fr. John Muir comically reflects on one of the great miracles of God he has witnessed during his life...

“Silence” Movie & Spiritual Exercises (SPOILER ALERT!)

This morning, Fr. John Muir discusses how a deeper understanding of St. Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises can really unlock...

Fr. Muir’s First Act of Faith

Are you good at making decisions? This morning, Fr. John Muir tells the story of how he first made the decision to believe in and follow Jesus.

Growing in Trust of God

The basic assumption of Catholic prayer is the radically unconditional love of God. But being attentive to that is easier said than done.

Fr. John Muir & John Muir

"The mountains are calling and I must go" - For John Muir, one of history's most influential environmental activists, the reflection and presence of God as Creator that he found in nature was...

Super Bowl, Waste Management Phoenix Open, and Culture

... That’s why sports matters. In its sheer ability to draw people together who wouldn’t be so otherwise, sports can massively impact culture for the good.

Is God A Tyrant?

Many of us have gut reactions and quick responses to the question. This morning, Fr. John Muir discusses why regardless of your answer, this question is one of the most essential questions we [...]

Overcome Distractions – Experience Mystery

A crying baby, a demanding boss, and broken toilet are distraction-busters by their own natures. But the life of the spirit is less concrete and difficult to lay hold of.

Nothing if not You

St. Thomas Aquinas demonstrated an extreme amount of wisdom not only in his beautiful writings but most specifically in his...

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