Fr. John Muir – Lent Reflections

Today, Fr. John Muir reflects on his experience of Lent while celebrating Easter with his friend and brother priest, Fr. John Parks.

(Spoiler!!) La La Land – Movie Thoughts

Check out the video for a limited edition Fr. Muir sampling of "City of Stars" as well as some thoughts on what the movie shows us about...

What’s the big deal? He only ROSE FROM THE DEAD!

God didn't just raise His Son from the dead & leave us all to our own devices - Jesus is...

Soul Food, part 7 – Enjoy!

Who has the time to pray like a monk? Few of us do. So in this final talk of the series, Fr Muir teaches us that relationship prayer culminates in a response that delights and transforms us: [...]

Soul Food, part 6 – Rings & Robes

What good is a gift to me if I can’t or don’t receive and enjoy it? In this talk, Fr Muir expands the exciting phenomenon of actively receiving God’s good—and quick!—gifts in the experience of [...]

Soul Food, part 5 – Pig Food

It takes honesty and courage to embrace life as it really is. This is where prayer begins. In this talk, Fr Muir discusses how we—like the prodigal son—begin to claim our God-given identity by [...]

(NOT FOR KIDS) – Fr. Parks – What’s So Awesome About Easter?

Good morning! Welcome to Catholic Breakfast - This morning, Fr. John Parks reflects on what he loves about the Easter season, which is 50 days long peoples!!! 50 days!!!

Soul Food, part 4 – The Heart

Do you tend get distracted or annoyed or bored when you try to pray? In this talk, Fr Muir explores the “geography” of the heart in order to show how the seemingly "worst" things in our hearts [...]

Soul Food, part 3 – Bread

Isn’t it a pie-in-the-sky illusion to think that the Creator of all things cares about my inner experience, my daily concerns? In this talk, Fr Muir lays out four bedrock assumptions that [...]

I Don’t Want To Die!!

Here at Catholic Breakfast, we LOVE Easter because we LOVE the Resurrection. This morning, Fr. John Muir shares one of the simplest but most powerful reasons why...

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