New Nazareths 07 – On The Waterfront

Geoff Stricklin returns to the New Nazareths Christmas Series with a speech from the movie “On the Waterfront” by the gritty character, Fr. Barry. Blessings on your Christmas Season!

New Nazareths 06 – The Saddest I’ve Ever Been

This morning on Catholic Breakfast, Fr. John Muir shares an original poem about authentic freedom called, “The Saddest I’ve Ever Been”. Hope you’re enjoying the New [...]

New Nazareths 05 – Silence of God

Welcome back to Catholic Breakfast’s New Nazareths Christmas Series. Joining us today is Fr. Fernando Camou with an original spoken word, “Silence of God”.

New Nazareths 04 – God’s Grandeur

Fr. John Parks joins us this morning on Catholic Breakfast to recite the Gerard Manley Hopkins poem, “God’s Grandeur”. Blessings on your Christmas Season!

New Nazareths 03 – Of Gods and Men

Blessings on your Christmas Season! Catholic Breakfast’s series, New Nazareths, continue with a spiritual testament read by Geoff Stricklin. This quote is from Abbot Christian de Cherg√©, a [...]

New Nazareths 02 – Delight in the Lord

This morning on Catholic Breakfast for our New Nazareths series, Amy & Ryan O’Connell join us to share some spoken word of marriage, life and the Incarnation called, “Delight in [...]

New Nazareths 01 – Big Enough

Merry Christmas! This year’s Catholic Breakfast Christmas Series, New Nazareths, kicks off with a poem written by Fr. John Muir called, “Big Enough”.

New Nazareths – The Paradox of the Incarnation

For me as a priest, preparing the Christmas homily is a challenge unlike any other. Swarming crowds, once-a-year Mass goers, and visitors from out of town all add to the intensity of the moment. [...]

Atheist in a Catholic School

This morning on Catholic Breakfast, Fr. Parks and Fr. Muir take a mailbag question from Alberto in Gilbert, AZ asking what advice would they give for an 8th grader in Catholic school who’s [...]

Intentional Friendship

This morning on Catholic Breakfast, Fr. Muir brings out the Darth Vader mug in celebration of the new Star Wars movie and discusses the importance of good friendships, especially the [...]

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