Feast of the Little Flower

October 1st is the Feast Day of St. Thérèse of Lisieux. Fr. Muir discusses "The Little Way" and the world of this amazing Saint in the Church!

Freedom from Envy

In this episode of Catholic Breakfast, Fr. Muir talks about his "favorite" sin, Envy. He explains how to overcome being envious and the beauty of the Economy of Law & Grace.

Lucky Workers

"Do you other people have it easier than you? Why is your suffering seemingly so much worse than that others? How do we get past so much inequality and injustice around us? Today Jesus invites us [...]

Mailbag- Too Much News

Fr. Muir answers a question from Natalie about dealing with all the negativity in the news.

Bound to Love

In a real way, our salvation is bound to our love of others. This means there’s no room for indifference or resentment in Christian hearts. Though this can seem unfair or impossible at [...]

Overcoming Obstacles

Today Fr. Muir and Fr. Camou talk about Dostoyevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov and overcoming obstacles in the face of suffering. Welcome to Catholic Breakfast!

Would you Rather-Vocations

Today Fr. Muir and Fr. Camou play a couple of rounds of Would You Rather…

Peter’s Living Voice

The role that Jesus gave to Peter is alive and well in the Papacy today. Far from shutting down our minds or hearts, this “living voice” of Peter enables us to think and live with exuberance and [...]

Symbolism of Baseball

Today Fr. Muir talks about the Symbolism of Baseball. Quoting one of his favorite saints St. Thomas Aquinas, he explains that to some degree the goal of all creation is to come back to God. We [...]

Waiting Tables

My prayers are answered with silence. How do I interpret that experience? The audacious and humble woman that meets Jesus sees his silence as an invitation to press deeper into his generosity. In [...]