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He called me Son.

How fortunate was I to be the priest who got to be there at that moment? The image struck me of a father who catches a fish and reels it in right up to the edge of boat, and lets his small son bring the fish aboard to experience the joy of the catch. I felt like that son.

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Great Love – Big Wins

Can love win you football games? Just ask Clemson Coach, Dabo Swinney. In an emotional post-game interview after winning the 2017 college football national championship game, Coach Swinney spoke to ESPN’s Samantha Ponder. He said, “To see my guys fight, and to just believe…I told them tonight…I told them that the difference in the game was going to be love. It’s been my word all year, it’s been love. I said tonight we’re going to win it because we love each other. We’re going to love each [...]

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Keep Climbing, Day 4: Trampling the mighty.

Catholic social teaching holds a “preferential option for the poor”, which means that people who lack basic means deserve special attention and love. They hold a kind of pride of place. Only look at how obsessed the media are with the rich and powerful for a reminder of the strangeness of this teaching. But the roots of the Church’s option for the poor are rooted in God’s option for the poor.

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