New Nazareths – The Paradox of the Incarnation

For me as a priest, preparing the Christmas homily is a challenge unlike any other. Swarming crowds, once-a-year Mass goers, and visitors from out of town all add to the intensity of the moment. [...]

Growing in Trust of God

The basic assumption of Catholic prayer is the radically unconditional love of God. But being attentive to that is easier said than done.

Super Bowl, Waste Management Phoenix Open, and Culture

... That’s why sports matters. In its sheer ability to draw people together who wouldn’t be so otherwise, sports can massively impact culture for the good.

Overcome Distractions – Experience Mystery

A crying baby, a demanding boss, and broken toilet are distraction-busters by their own natures. But the life of the spirit is less concrete and difficult to lay hold of.

Wisdom & The New President

Catholics have had a roller coaster of a relationship with the American project from the beginning, sometimes seeming to be America’s greatest advocate and other times seeming to be her harshest [...]

He called me Son.

How fortunate was I to be the priest who got to be there at that moment? The image struck me of a father who catches a fish and reels it in right up to the edge of boat, and lets his small son [...]

Great Love – Big Wins

Can love win you football games? Just ask Clemson Coach, Dabo Swinney. In an emotional post-game interview after winning the 2017 college football national championship game, Coach Swinney spoke [...]

Keep Climbing, Part 6: Seeing Your Teacher

In this final part of our series on Isaiah’s dream for those who climb the mountain of the Lord, we have perhaps the most lyrically beautiful and stunning words which sum up yet another benefit [...]

Keep Climbing, Part 5: Hallowing the Holy Name

In this series, we are listening to the prophet Isaiah tell us about God’s dream for creation: to draw all people to the mountain of the Lord’s house. In the previous posts, we’ve seen that when [...]

Keep Climbing, Day 4: Trampling the mighty.

Catholic social teaching holds a “preferential option for the poor”, which means that people who lack basic means deserve special attention and love. They hold a kind of pride of place. Only [...]

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