Growing in Trust of God

The basic assumption of Catholic prayer is the radically unconditional love of God. But being attentive to that is easier said than done.

Overcome Distractions – Experience Mystery

A crying baby, a demanding boss, and broken toilet are distraction-busters by their own natures. But the life of the spirit is less concrete and difficult to lay hold of.

Do you want to experience God as a refuge? 

We love a safe, comfortable place. A man-cave is just a recent expression of what we all know we need: a place to be, to rest, to be safe from whatever exhausts or threatens us. We rarely think [...]

What does it mean to worship God?

Worship means learning to be with God. An ancient Russian mystic once said that in heaven we will be “clothed in silence.” This terrified me when I first heard it because as a former radio DJ, [...]