Keep Climbing, Part 6: Seeing Your Teacher

In this final part of our series on Isaiah’s dream for those who climb the mountain of the Lord, we have perhaps the most lyrically beautiful and stunning words which sum up yet another benefit [...]

Keep Climbing, Part 5: Hallowing the Holy Name

In this series, we are listening to the prophet Isaiah tell us about God’s dream for creation: to draw all people to the mountain of the Lord’s house. In the previous posts, we’ve seen that when [...]

Keep Climbing, Day 4: Trampling the mighty.

Catholic social teaching holds a “preferential option for the poor”, which means that people who lack basic means deserve special attention and love. They hold a kind of pride of place. Only [...]

Keep Climbing, Day 3: Tears Wiped Away.

We are looking at God’s plan for creation in the prophet Isaiah’s prophecy that “The Mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established as the highest mountain and raised above the hills.”

Keep Climbing, Day 2: Now Justice, Now Peace.

The result of the coming of God’s kingdom is justice and peace. The Bible tightly links these two spiritual realities. Isaiah promises of the coming Messiah: “not by appearance shall he judge” [...]

Keep Climbing, Day 1: Climbing the Mountain of the Lord’s House

In this short six-part series we explore some hope-inspiring aspects of God’s dream for us and how sharing His dream changes us for the better.